• First Time

       In college, a young boy met a young girl. They got along with each other very well. They listened to lectures, did homework, ate, walked and talked about life together……the girl had a habit of reading a book called Personal Space always. 

         As soon as they met, they had a variety of topics to talk about. The girl was not good at speech. But she listened more, spoke less, and always looked at the boy when improvising. With occasional artistic sentences, she would make the boy meditate and quiet down. What everyone loves, she says, That is his space.!




    Time Stamp


         They spent their entire college years together. Until one day when they were apart, the girl said to the boy that she would prepare for the postgraduate entrance exam, so she left her back to the boy. Not long after, the boy also left that city, and the girl’s back shadow was deeply imprinted in the boy’s heart. 



    Your Time, I Came

         A few years later, the boy returned to the city, often went to the place where they met, to sit.

         One day, as he was preparing to leave, he suddenly saw a familiar back shadow. He ran up and asked, “are you ok?”


    Time will give you the best ans

          She looked up, smiled, and took the book out of her bag. At the moment when she opened the book, he saw her clear handwriting: The space with you is life!